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First Beauty Haul of 2018

First Beauty Haul of 2018

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We’re starting 2108 with a beauty haul—something I looked forward to during the holiday season given that I actually ran out of a few “needs”. But… Yes, there are “wants” included in the list.

First Beauty Haul of 2018

First Beauty Haul of 2018

Skin care

New Year Sale alerts came just in time for stocking up Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water (For oily, acne-prone skin). Big thanks to the significant price drop–from Php249 to Php187–on BeautyMNL, I had a good reason to load my cart with 2 400ml bottles. This is one of my most consumed products of 2017 (I know I did not include makeup+skincare in my 2017 favorites) and here are 3 reasons why I kept buying this:

  1. It removes makeup (not extreme waterproof) so easily.
  2. It works like magic water. Once it dries, it leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and plump. No greasy film and no overpowering scent.
  3. It’s widely available AND affordable.

Anyone who needs waterproof mascara in their life knows the struggle of removing it if you don’t have–and use–the right alienating product. Coconut oil has been my saver for this dilemma, but it might not be the best for you if you can’t endure its *obviously* thick consistency and ability to remove in no time. I had to give Kracie Creer Cleansing Water (Mineral Oil) a try as it claims to be a 4-in-1 product–Makeup Remover + Facial Cleanser + Exfoliator + Toner–intended for heavy makeup and is free of fragrance, colorants, alcohol, and parabens. The formula is promising as it’s like a balanced concoction of oil and water that leaves off a nice, moisturizing feel to the skin. I do like it so far as it does the job well at removing heavy, stubborn makeup. But despite acting as a 4-in-1 product, I still wash it off and proceed to use a water-based cleanser afterward.

Korean skincare opened my eyes to the importance of essences and serums/ampoules. The CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is one of my first few purchases and I’m now on my second bottle. It has done wonders on my skin in terms of hydration and fading of acne scars.

Speaking of acne, I do have an acne-prone skin so it’s always an endeavor to maintain a clear complexion. This concern convinced me to purchase my first ever Vitamin C serum which is Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient that helps fade dark spots caused by acne and also works to prevent it from occurring later on. This Klairs serum contains 5% of vitamin C concentration which is a good percentage for starters and is suitable for sensitive skin. I’m slowly learning how to incorporate it into my routine and I’d say it requires a more religious application to be able to see notable effects.

For additional hydration and pampering, I also got Baroness and Leaders sheet masks. They’re not a must for me but I find it handy for days when I feel the need to add an extra layer of care and moisture. I’m up for recommendations if you have any favorites!

Spot cleaning my brushes is a breeze when I use Ellana Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleaner (Cucumber & Melon scent). This is another well-loved repurchase.

First Beauty Haul of 2018

First Beauty Haul of 2018

Makeup & Tools

Known as one of the best drugstore gel liners is Maybelline Eye Studio 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black. I got it on sale at 25% off and although it’s a frequent find at the sale rack, it is indeed a good buy ‘cause the quality and ease of application won’t leave you disappointed.

The K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting 24H Eyebrow Pen has been on my wishlist for the longest time. There are two shades available–01 Natural Brown and 02 Grayish Brown. Out of recommendation, I got 01. Well, love at first wear. No wonder makeup artists use this. It’s the perfect brow product for mimicking brow hairs which makes it a good filler for pesky empty spots. It’s also waterproof yet very easy to remove.

For tools, I’ve been eyeing Clover Cosmetics’ brushes since last year mainly because of the reviews and low price point. My stash lacks eye brushes for more precise and seamless eyeshadow application so I decided to get two to try. I have the Precise Tapered Blending brush (313N) and Petit Crease brush (320N). Both have ultra-soft bristles that are made with 100% goat hair. The metallic copper handles are nice; it made them look pretty sturdy in a way. In terms of application, both are amazing. The only downside is they shed during the first few uses, but they apply powders so well that’s why I’ll still keep on using them.

First Beauty Haul of 2018

After the holiday vacation, I realized my lash curler did not come home with me. Hah, no, I lost it. I opted for these cheap and cute ones from Miniso with the thought that they’re meant for Asian eye shapes and fortunately, they do! I’ll hold on to these for now until I get some funds to hit the cult-faves section.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the products that I got, feel free to voice them out in the comments section below.



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