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How to Celebrate a Meaningful Valentine’s Day + FREE Love Cards Printable

It’s easy to imagine an ideal Valentine’s Day: gift giving of well-thought-out goods, exchanging of wine toasts, dressing up for candle-lit dinners, and the list goes on with anything intimate and fun. While a lot of people associate this special day to celebrating with someone whom you have a romantic connection to, it’s never really exclusive in that sense since the observance is meant to honor love and romance as a whole which gives every single one of us a reason to celebrate. But what else makes celebrating Valentine’s day really meaningful?

Whether you’re celebrating with a date, hanging out with family and friends, indulging in a self-love kind of day, with or without plans, the spirit of Valentine’s day will walk right next to you waiting to be relished. The following ways focus on the inner self – to help compose you for a day full of love no matter your life status.

Appreciate what you have

Admit it, there are times we overlook the good things in the “here and now” because we’re so busy nitpicking the bads, the lows, and what we don’t have. But when you think about it, you do have a lot to be grateful for. Who’s there when you would cry over something that discomforts you? What of great power in you pushes you to get up in the morning and amp up the hustle? How many times your strengths won over the things that once worried you? Who’s presence gives you enormous joy despite having some gap? To answer each, I have 1) My best friend, 2) My wildest dreams, 3) Countless times, 4) Our dogs. Everyone has something and someone that makes a good reason to celebrate love and life. You possess these things, the good people surrounding you, and most especially you have what’s within you. Dig deeper and you’ll find it awe-inspiring how we get to experience love in various ways through the things we actually do and already have.

Free love cards printable - kiss be with you

Be present and be the present

Are you in the self? Are you taking mindful steps to be truly there–both in the self and for others? We’re often distracted (hello, social media) that we tend to fail on “being there” in person and in spirit. More than anything else, it’s our presence that cultivates meaningful relationships. Voice out how you feel, be bold enough to care, show support by simply keeping your eyes and ears peeled, send your special Valentine’s day kisses and hugs. By doing so, you’re nourishing connections that help you wallow in further in the greatness of what is.

Choose to love

For the constants in your life, showing how you feel is a piece of a gorgeous cheesecake. But you know when there are times your ability to love gets being tested that you cut out on finding meaning to love everyone? Love does get caught up in different circumstances such as 1) When you’re not in good terms with a certain person,  or 2) How about those people in your life who are just so difficult to love? Our hearts are so big, but there’s no resident room for unwanted baggage. From what I’ve learned, for situation 1) it pays to be humble and be the bigger person. For 2) the easiest way to go is by choosing to love them from a distance. Give yourself a favor by not carrying too much by radiating positive notes all the way–even from afar. I’m a huge believer that whatever you give will always come back to you in one way or another. Do it for the people around you. Most importantly, do it for yourself.

Choose to love by sending some love. And I’m sending you some with this FREE Love Cards Printable to make your Valentine’s day celebration more meaningful!

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Appreciating what you have, being present and choosing to love are ways we could do to live with meaning every day, so take these to heart and celebrate love and life as if it’s always Valentine’s day.

Stay lovely! xx