I’m Evathe twenty-something petite lady behind Girl Knows What.

Makeup, skin care, art, and life (in general) are the things I’m passionate to share, talk, and learn more about.

I’m a Capricorn and a dog mama who loves long, meaningful conversations over a cup of hot vanilla. I find comfort in doing my skincare routine, reading blogs, finding pinteresting things, cycling around the neighborhood, binge-watching tips and tutorials on YouTube, organizing, and crafting.

  • Skin type: Combination, acne-prone
  • Skin tone: Medium
  • One makeup product I can’t live without: lipstick
  • Location: Metro Manila, Philippines.


I created this beauty and lifestyle blog for creative comfort and inspiration. GIRL KNOWS WHAT covers topics for anyone who wants to enhance their beauty and life from the inside out – from healthy exchanges of beauty talks to motivating ways to kindle a meaningful and artful living.

Let’s be friends if you’re interested in the following contents!

Current life slogan:

Life is all about living and loving the little things. 

Do good. Seek what is lovely. Be grateful. Have faith.