5 Simple Ways To A Work-Life Balance

We can’t beat time when it comes to running. Yet another weekend to love, and another work week to…still love (hehe)! I had time to gaze on the constants and changes of my work life over the last couple of months and ended on the thought about how is it really going so far. The glass tends to be half empty or half full. Either way, the water is still there. And here I am, itching to share about some of the simple ways I’m doing to find pleasure in the middle of a busy life.

Work and the life outside of it have a tendency to outweigh each other which is not an ideal case. I firmly believe that if you really want to achieve something—balance in this case—you’ll make time and effort for it no matter what. We always have a choice. And so while juggling the two together, you don’t want time to leave you not living.

Have a plan. 

This may not be for some people, but I find that planning is essential to give you excitement so you could have something to look forward to outside of work. I find my planner really helpful because it fuels me to use and write on it. Stare at the empty spaces. One or two hours, no matter how big or small your time frame is, sneak in a task that’s not work-related. Maybe you can call your best friend, read a chapter of a book you’ve been trying to finish, a quick beach getaway, walk your dogs, treat your family, massage time, evaluate your closet, watch makeup tutorials, etc. I usually go on a date, try a new restaurant, take photos, go thrift shopping, re-arrange my workspace. See what you can do with the time that you have. You’ll always want to look forward to the little things that send out a smile on your face.

Try/learn something new. 

Calligraphy, painting, web design, flower arrangement, yoga? Basically anything you find interesting. A month ago, I found myself hungry about learning something not related to my day job. Going back to school is not the best option at the moment. Then out of the blue, I got inspired by an office friend who’s enrolled in a foreign language class. I don’t have a budget to sign up in a language school, but luckily I found a free course online called Introduction to Italian from a learning website that is futurelearn! It’s awesome that I could get an official certificate if I passed the exam at the end of the course (although I have to purchase it), which is an added advantage if you’re planning to study abroad or even just to have something to add to your CV. The site has a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and institutions from around the world you might be interested in. I’m currently in Week 4, still learning verbs and how to pay the bills. It’s really fun! I’m already dreaming about living in Italy. Just try something you haven’t done before, you might just discover something new about yourself.

Treat yourself.

Oh, you’ve been wanting a new camera? That Zara dress? A whole 20-inch pizza for yourself? If you haven’t heard “Pay yourself first”, then, friend, let me cry with you. Give the hardworking girl what she deserves, not because she wants to, but because she has to. This is your life. And reality check, your only life. Live it.


Through FB, IG, Twitter, Snapchat? Yes, but most importantly, in real life. If not, a brief call or text would do. Make the most valuable people in your life feel you, even from afar. After all, without a job or anything else, relationships are all you have. My Mamang (grandma) is active on social media and I feel her love every time she sends a heart or kiss emoji. That simple. And prayer, through ups and downs, is going to save you. A whisper of gratitude as I shut my eyes at night is an overwhelming kiss to my soul.


Just because! No need to wait for the fever to knock on your head. When the weekend comes, take it. Have a good sleep as much as you can. Enjoy the space even how minimal. Use your vacation leave for goodness sake. Refresh!

Savor the moment – both busy and idle ones.

The irony when you want to be idle when you’re busy and when you want to be busy when you’re idle. Just get along with it. All the experiences, whether good or bad, like it or not, happen as it’s meant to happen. Eventually, when all of these have passed, we’ll be left with nothing but gratitude that it happened and we’ll feel how life seemed to be easier when we welcome everything with a faithful heart.

Also, inhale positivity no matter the situation. Dig inspiration from your deepest and wildest dreams, from the people you love and from those you enormously admire. Help remind yourself why you want to enjoy life.

NOTE: This was originally published in my former blog ( on the 23rd of July 2016.