2017 Favorites: 7 Products By Local Brands

Lo and behold we’re going forward to another year. Before 2017 ends, I would like to share some notable products I loved this year. I looked through my stash and noticed many of the things that I loved using/wearing are from local brands. Thanks to bazaars, sponsored features/posts, “online influencers” and hashtags, local brands could easily put their wonderfully-crafted goods out there and garner a handful of supporters in a snap.

Aside from comparable affordability, what made me try and #supportlocal is that it is a simple act of alleviating local artistry whilst getting rewarded by good quality products. Here are my favorites:


Described as “A romantic and mysterious fragrance infused with sweet jasmine and camellia, capped with a deep sexy aroma of sandalwood.” To me, t is simply fresh, warm and feminine. The scent, packaging, and price are big thumbs up that’s why it landed as a must in my purse for everyday use. I’d definitely purchase the perfume version next time for a longer wear.

Although I wear another sunscreen with SPF 50 for when I go to work or out the whole day, this clear, lightweight gel wins a spot because of its formula. It doesn’t leave a white cast, dries matte and fast, and is super affordable. I love using this when I’ll only stay at home. Yes, girl, you need SPF every single day.


  • Nida hoops, Paiva earrings and Rio rattan bag from Kera and Co

All in stunning brown and they scream earthy and stylish. I was so lucky to have won Kera and Co’s giveaway so I got these for free. Huge, flirty hoops from the 90s had a big comeback this year and I must confess I am obsessed with the trend. Nida and Paiva earrings are a stunner which is part of their holiday collection; and Rio, a button up rattan bag, is cute and convenient enough for housing my simplest everyday essentials. I only got these at the end of the year but I’ve been wearing them non-stop.

I’ve always been into cute earrings since I was a kid. I remember having a pink crocheted flower pair when I was in high school and when I saw these macrame ones I just had to have it. It’s unique, crafty and I’m loving the gold hoop detail.


This is the first bag I ever purchased online and I’m glad I did. If you’ll ever get your hands on this, you’d get the feel how it’s really sturdy and well-made. It is huge enough that your long envelopes and laptop could fit in perfectly. Although my petiteness gets emphasized whenever I wear it, I prefer not to mind ’cause this is the kind of bag you know could last longer than your current relationship. Of course, I’m kidding. Wishing they’d create a smaller version though!

What have you got on your favorites list? It doesn’t have to be tangible “things”. Maybe you discovered a new go-to restaurant, tried hiking for the first time, or just kept any memorable experience that made your 2017. Look back with a smile and a grateful heart.

Have a happy new year, everyone!